Pam's Journey

Surprised, the young scout spied a sturdy man in a grey robe sporting a shaved head and wearing what looked like sharp silver claws on his hands. He was sitting above, on the overhanging branch of a tree, directly over where the crusty old captain approached. The man lunged off the branch landing upon the older Roman captain’s shoulders. The young scout watched the man scissor the captain’s neck with powerful legs and then with a quick twist of his torso snapped the captain’s neck with a crackling noise. Riding the captain off his horse and down to the ground in a dead thump.

Pam's Journey as told by the ferryman.

This is a tale of souls searching for the answer to an unanswerable question. For in my time I have learned that the passage to hades or paradise is not the will of man. Yet some souls look for passage out of hades, other souls are destined to hades and all souls wander hapless.

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  A blood thirsty warrior is always good to have around, as long as he's on your side. See ancient ways and new ways collide.

When a single vision brings unlikely souls together as they fight to preserve the young utopian "village of Jodicus".

Travel through gothic Europe with a hero as he tries to unravel his past in this fast moving page turner.

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                                                                                                        Five Seasons

The scholar teaches the wretch from Erren and sends him on a journey through the northern wilderness.

Born of the jungle wilderness, young hatred chases young love up an unknown coast toward the unforseen and unpromised.

A primitive holds the answers to those who can smell the wolf, hear and speak of the freedom and gaze upon the staff.

All on a journey of Five Seasons, walking toward a new life yet all one pace away from death.

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